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Mitakisan Fudoin Shrine in Clis Road Shopping Arcade

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  • JTsuzuki

    A Shrine while Shopping

    If you ever find yourself walking down Clis Road, Sendai's shopping arcade, you may run across the strange sight of a shrine nestled between two otherwise boring gray buildings. According to a geocashing site, this shrine is dedicated to Sendai Shiro, an actual person whose patronage to shops in the area usually meant lots of future success for those whope back in the 1800s. Charms with the emblem of the small robed man are popular with many small businesses in the area and can be picked up at the shrine. Also available at the shrine you can find a variety of green tea and green tea accessories.
    The entire shrine is narrow and fairly small, so a sight seeing trip will take literally just a few minutes including time to shop.

    Compared to other shrines in the area, Mitakisan is almost uncomfortably small and offers little in the way of cultural input, save for the very small prayer space at the back of the shrine.
    It would not crack my top ten "Things to do in Sendai", nor is it listed on Japan-guide, but if you need some tea or a charm for a small business owner, this might be the place for you.

    Link to the geocashing site:


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