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  • Jackson

    on May 1

    Close to the Station

    Donki is always awesome, always. They provide you with snacks, clothes, electronics, souvenir items, and you (or at least I) would always walk out with more than you thought you needed, but the discounted prices will take away the buyers remorse. This one is no difference, but the good thing is that it is close to the station, making it very easy to transport your newly-bought goods back to the hotel, airbnb, capsule hotel, or whatever else are you staying it. Donki also stays open til late, so if you want to get some snacks and a drink (and they have a lovely selection of drinks) to enjoy at where you stay, this is a good place to do your shopping at.

  • City-Cost

    on Oct 13

    Standard fare from this Don Quijote

    Always nice to have a Don Quijote in the hood, and this one doesn't disappoint. Nor does it warrant getting too excited about either. The store is spread across two large floors, with the first one being where you can get your food stuff and medical supplies. The second floor is where the clothes are as well a travel gear, accessories etc. It's the usual sort of stuff you would expect from a Don Quijote (although we couldn't find the 'adult zone' that are often to be found in some corner of these stores, not that we were looking too hard you understand). The nearest station to this Don Quijote is Osaka-Uehonmachi. It's a relatively easy find from the station and can't be much more than two hundred meters away. Plus, the building is plastered up in the usual bright yellows and red one would expect from the store. Comparing this Osaka branch with more storied ones in say Tokyo's Roppongi, Shibuya, and Shinjuku, will perhaps not make it look so good. Still, the two floors are packed with stuff and space is tight. As with plenty of Don Quijote, it can be difficult to pick out what you were looking for on a first try.

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