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  • JTsuzuki

    on Aug 1

    Miraiyashoten Book Shop at Aeon Townmall Shiogama

    In the shopping center between HonShiogama Station and Marine Gate, the ferry pier in Shiogama, you will find this shop in the middle of the second floor. On one side, there is a small array of stationary options in the front. This pertains mostly to pens, date books and greeting cards, but you can also find a bunch of colorful stickers on the end cap nearest the folders on the wall. While the stickers here are a bit more pricey than those at the CanDo 100 yen store a short walk away within the same Aeon Townmall, the stickers they sell here are also usually a bit better made and somewhat more adorable. Further into the store, you'll find a used DVD selection crammed into a few shelves. Most seem to be major Hollywood releases but there appear to be some domestic choices as well. The DVDs go on sale every so often, but at that point are usually moved to sales bins a bit closer to the front of the store. 

    Along the back half of the store is a shelf after shelf of manga. Most recent releases are available here, though they don't always have the most up to date selection. For such a physically small shop, they do have a bit of selection.

    In the back corner opposite the DVDs is the kids section, with a fairly impressive selection given the size of the store and section. They offer some early learning books for smaller kids as well as story books and activity magazines for older kids, too.

    In front of the kids section stands the magazine shelves, with the topics sorted pretty well. If you don't find the magazine you are looking for there, check the middle of the store where more of the domestic hobby magazines are, such as those that specialize in cooking, fashion, crochet, sewing, kanzashi making and other crafts. There's also an excersize selection sometimes, complete with new workout materials provided in the magazine and calculated in the cost.

    The front corner opposite the stationary holds new releases in Japanese or seasonal specials depending on the month and what has been released. Front and center sits the reigister and checkout desk. Occassionally there is a manga-themed lottery draw posted, so you know what prizes have been won and therefor whether or not you should spend the four hundred to six hundred yen to try your luck.

    You'll notice there is no foreign book section, and that is unfortunately normal for this area. On the upside, you have every opportunity to practice your Japanese here and focus on acquiring the language of the land via modern media.

    The store accepts cash, some credit cards, and WAON, the old Aeon point card, which gives you 1 point back for every 200 yen spent, meaning your purchases here can go a little farther. To use the WAON points, all you have to do is go downstairs from here and find the ATM which can convert the points easily into their equal yen value on the card.

    Aeon Townmall Shiogama's only book store is a good find for the Japanese-friendly bibliophile, manga fiend, or magazine fan who can't make it to Sendai. Open 9AM to 8PM.

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