Brick mill 旧下野煉化製造会社煉瓦窯(きゅうしもつけれんがせいぞうがいしゃれんががま)

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  • edthethe

    on Sep 13

    Historical site of a brick mill

    There is a tour for 100 en. The tour guide doesn't speak English, however is very friendly and all the information is written on signs. There was a lot of thought and time put into the creation of the tour because the english was actually correct and informative. The cool part is going inside of the mill itself. The tour starts off on the bottom where the fire would have burned, and its very low with lots of structural supports jutting out, so you have to wear a helmet. 3 people bumped their heads, so I recommend wearing it. Then you go up above where the workers would have hauled coal to fuel the fire. It is a very neat historical site. There is a cafe and small shop. The cafe has brick oven baked goods, like pizza and bread. I wish I had had time to try something, but it all smelled delicious.

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