Curry Ramen Restaurant Indian - Kamata Nishiguchi Branch

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  • Yuju

    on Sep 23

    Have you even eaten a curry that looks as dark as this?

    My first impression on entering this resturant was how immaculate the place was. Most ramen places have greasy, slippery floors, smell of oil, and it's no surprise to see cockroaches. However, this place is completely different. It seems to be well cleaned, with the pleasant smell of boiling noodles and simmering curry sauce coming from the kitchen.  

    This was my fourth time to go to an Indian restaurant, but the curry here has a special characteristic. First of all the ingredients contains no meat and the sauce is really dark. As for the name of the restaurant, I don't really know much about it. However, even though there are other curries that have a nice balance between a fruity/sweet flavor and the usual bitterness that comes with most curries, the dishes here have a unique taste I've yet to find elsewhere. 

    The soup that comes with the ramen here is very light, and may not be acceptable to those who like their soups dense. However, it mixes well with the noodles, and with the strongly seasoned curry, it works well if you think of it as just soup. The price for a curry/rice and ramen set - 1,200 yen.

    No english support here.



7 Chome-63-10 Nishikamata, Ota, Tokyo 144-0051

In the Area

Ganso Tsukemen Daio (Kamata branch)

Ota-ku, Tokyo

A little bit like junk food, but a nice, familiar taste.



on Oct 13