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  • Saitama

    Multi-purpose park with Campsite, BBQ, Zoo, Fishing, Sports

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    Close to the Golf site for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is a beautiful wooded multi-purpose park. Chikozan park has many of the elements of most parks in the area, but lots of additional features too. For example, it is home to a small, but child friendly and reasonably priced zoo. It has lots of sports facilities including a fishing lake, tennis courts and a gym hall. 

    There are two playgrounds in the park. Both are set in a wooded area which affords plenty of shade and protection from the elements. They are beside each other too, so kids can run between both and enjoy a couple of hours of fun. The athletic playground was undergoing work for our last 3 visits since the start of the year, but according to the website it is back open for public use. The general playground is colourful with some unique equipment. About a 15 minute walk from these playgrounds is the zoo. Past the zoo is a marsh with a boardwalk running through it leading to the BBQ area and camping grounds. The camping grounds also has 2 wooden cottages, which are very reasonable to rent. Beyond this area is an open grass area with a lovely flower garden. There are a couple of places to eat. One of them is by the tennis courts. It is a Japanese style restaurant with a raised tatami section which is useful with small kids. The kid's meal is reasonably priced and quite nice too.

    The park and its parking facilities are free, but you do need to pay to use some of the facilities such as the tennis courts and camping grounds. You can book online, however their website is in Japanese only. I particularly recommend Autumn as a prime time to visit Chikozan park.


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