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  • TheHikingAlto

    on Feb 4

    Good Indian Food Near Kyodo Station

    This Indian restaurant is two-thirds of the way down Heartful Nodai Street, one of the shopping streets outside Kyodo Station. It has a menu of standard Indian curries and naan available as well as a large number of side dishes. There are also sets available that come with two or more curries, and rice with the naan. Nothing really stands out menu-wise as being much different compared to other similarly priced Indian restaurants I have been to in Japan. That being said, the food is very good with friendly service and a, usually, comfortable atmosphere. For those nights you come home late, and want something hearty to eat and don't want to cook it yourself, this place is just right. This shop, though, has somewhat deceptive pricing. The price at dinner time is always 15% off the menu-listed price, it seems. I have never once not received the discount. Without the discount, I would say it is a bit more expensive than it should be. I always order one of the mutton curries and the garlic naan. The naan is very good with a good amount of garlic. I also really like their masala papad, though the last few times I went, it was a bit spicy for me. They can adjust the level of spice of the curries and the man who manages the restaurant and who often serves the food will make sure that the "spice is okay?" The manager is attentive and friendly. Some of the staff, including the manager, speak at least some English. The menu has the food written in English and Japanese. It can be a bit noisy at times when there is a drinking party, especially if it is college kids. It also, depending on the other diners, can be a bit smokey. Smoking is allowed (as of this writing) and there is no designated section. The Bollywood music videos, when they are on the large TV in the restaurant, are also not much to my liking. I prefer when they have NHK on, honestly. They are open for lunch and have a lunch menu, but I have not been there at lunchtime, so cannot really share about that. They will also prepare your order for take-out. Dinner: 4 p.m. – Midnight, though they do close a bit earlier some nights, I think, if there are no customers.



〒156-0052 東京都世田谷区経堂1丁目25-19

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