Hogo Cafe Neko Katsu

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  • Saitama

    on Aug 31

    Spend playtime with rescued cats, if you like one take it home!

    There are two cat cafes in Kawagoe and they are both located near each other, past Maruhiro in Kurea Mall. I was researching the other one, when I luckily saw this one and it stuck out to me for two reasons. One; they are rescued cats looking for new homes. Two; the cafe welcomes children and families. Which is just as well because the one down the road which I had planned to go to with 3 of my 4 kids, stresses that children under Junior High School age are not welcome or permitted. I tell you the excitement of my girls as they entered the cafe was palpable. When my 1 year old saw all the cats she was screaming with delight and dancing on her toes. The staff were not phased by this at all. The only thing they insisted was that everyone sanitise their hands and wear socks. My baby had no socks on her, but they sell socks in the cafe at a reasonable price too. There were more cats than I had expected and they all seemed quite placid. Because they are rescued cats they do ask that you don't force a cuddle with them. If the cat is in the mood for a cuddle then it is fine to hold them. They have some toys that cats enjoy that you can use to play with the cats. The room is quite basic with only one or two seats and a few poufs, but it is not a cafe in the typical sense. You do get a drink included with the charge. Due to the fact that it is a cat cafe they are bottled drinks or juice packets. You help yourself from a decent selection in a fridge. The current system is 600 yen for half an hour. Children under twelve are half price. They have a decent stamp card, one stamp per visit and if you get 5 stamps you get an hour free. You can actually adopt a cat if you become attached to one.

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