Yukawa Furusato Park

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  • Saitama

    on Dec 14

    Very good free playground with some uncommon equipment

    A lot of Karuizawa is very expensive so it was nice to find this free park in a central location with free parking. It is really for locals rather than an attraction in the area, reflected by the limited number or parking spaces and the lack of public transport. The park isn't particularly big either, but the playground is large and better than average.

    The first thing that struck me about this playground is the presence of playground equipment that is common in my home country, but I have never seen in Japan before. The netted swings, pictured, being the main examples. They seem to be the most popular with kids too. There weren't many kids the last time we visited as it was early morning, but the few that were there spent most of their time on or queuing for the netted swings.   There is other fun equipment for kids in the playground with a big emphasis on slides. There is a great selection of slides including regular slides, a 3 lane slide, a tunneled slide, a tunneled curving slide and a slide for infants. There are lots of different climbing attractions too; netted, roped, wooden, bridged, vertical, arched and even one for toddlers. There are spring rides and spring see-saws. 

    The park is located near to the Karuizawa by-pass near a small but busy retail park. The retail park has a Tsuruya Karuizawa shop, which is actually the main grocery shopping market for this area of Karuizawa.  There are toilets in the park, but not much else in way of amenities. 

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