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Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine

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  • Saitama

    For luck in love! Plus lots of seasonal attractions

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    If you are looking for love this year, you might want to visit Hikawa Shrine in Kawagoe. Frequently listed as one of the nation's top shrines to visit for good luck in love in Japanese travel and leisure magazines, Hikawa Shrine is conveniently located a short walk from the tourist area of Kawagoe.

    It happens to be one of our local shrines and we use it for all big events such as 7-5-3 and omiyamairi (1 month after a baby is born) celebrations. The shrine and its grounds are much bigger than most shrines in the area, but still smaller than the average temple. You can easily walk the perimeter in 10 minutes, but it is what the shrine has to offer that attracts millions of visitors each year. The biggest pull is of course the shrines association with the prospect of love and the amulets they sell to boost your love chances. However, they also have some great seasonal attractions, not to mention that the grounds and the buildings are very picturesque. They have a coffee shop to boot and facilities for babies adds to the convenience for families.

    Currently, for New Years they have a number of paper fortune draws you can try, including the unique and very popular fishing paper fortune draw. You use a fishing rod to pick up a wooden fish with your paper fortune inside. You can keep the fish as a souvenir. In spring you can take a boat down the Shingashi river under the cherry blossoms and if you time it right you get to see the petals covering the water making it look like a river of pink. In summer, they have their annual wind chime and tanabata festivals as well as some music performances.


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