Good Luck Coffee Nagaoka

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  • genkidesu

    on Aug 18

    Great coffee in Nagaoka

    When I move to a new place one of the first things I like to scout out is a good coffee shop. Good Luck Coffee in Nagaoka is one of my new favorites! The store is very fresh and modern feeling - which automatically drew me to it - but another great thing is that they use Allpress Espresso from New Zealand when making their coffee! I remember when traveling in New Zealand just how great their coffee culture was, so having a little slice of this in Nagaoka was wonderful.

    As well as serving up delicious coffee, they also have a range of baked goods and breads like donuts, danishes and scones. All in all this was a great little surprise find in Nagaoka and a wonderful spot to get your caffeine fix if you are in the area. My recommendation is the vanilla latte - it was super tasty!



山田2-1-7 Nagaoka, Niigata

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