Nakanoshima Park

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  • City-Cost

    on Sep 28

    Splendid park in the heart of Osaka with city views

    Nakanoshima Park (中之島公園) is a real treat.  The location is fantastic, lying as it does between the Dojima and Tosabori Rivers.  Being surrounded by flowing waters with views to the city beyond this park really does feel like a bit of an island oasis.  It's nice to listen to the (sort of) distant sounds of traffic, trains, and sirens while you sitting amongst the parks pleasant greens.  

    At the time of our visit, the park was being used by joggers, people chilling out on the grass, couples on a date, and also some kind of dance troupe doing their rehearsals.  

    Cut into two sections, the East side has plenty of grass to stretch out on, with a pathway circling the area.  There are plenty of benches here, too.  The West section is home to some kind of European style rose garden and also a nice looking beer garden/grill.

    Nakanoshima Park is well kept without being stuffy, has a relaxed feel about it, and seems to be a great place to escape the city for a bit.  Not sure how welcome visitors are to set up games of soccer, baseball etc on the grass though.  It didn't seem to have that kind of mood.

    We accessed the park from one of the high bridges that cross the rivers to the East.  Easy access looks to be from Naniwabashi Station which is on (or under) the island itself, and also fronts the Museum of Oriental Ceramics.

    Overall, we really enjoyed a bit of break in Nakanoshima Park.

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