Mikamine Park

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  • MamaKiyota

    on Oct 2

    Mikamine Park - Pleasently Surprised

    During a busy day of running errands, we stopped at this park for a break simply because we were in the area. We weren't expecting much but were pleasantly surprised by what we found. There is a nice walking trail, lined with a variety of plants, flowers, trees, and even a few benches. Being early October, the foliage was growing beautifully but blocked access to the benches. This wasn't an issue as the trail isn't incredibly long anyways. The trail leads to a large open grassy area with a pavilion on the far side. The park doesn't have a playground but there is plenty of room to run and play. The overall atmosphere of the park was very nice. There were people and pets enjoying the park. There are two parking lots that have easy access to the park. The front parking lot starts at the walking trail while the back one is beside the grassy area. The toilets are what you would expect of an outdoor toilet in Japan, passably clean but not the best. Of course, no toilet paper.

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