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St Marc Cafe, Wakaba Branch

Avg: 500 yen
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  • Saitama

    Start your day off on a literal high - Chocolate croissants and liqueur coffee!

    Price: 500 yen

    St Marc Cafe seems to be better known by its best selling product "chococro", which is short for chocolate croissant. I personally was more interested in the coffee. They have a fairly decent selection of coffee for a cafe in a small local mall. The one that caught my eye was the "Vienna Coffee" which is a liqueur coffee served with a fresh dollop of cream. Unfortunately, I was driving so I couldn't indulge.

    I wasn't sure which one to try so I stuck with the safe bet, the "blend coffee"、which is a deep rich coffee made from carefully selected beans. The refreshing acidity was undeniable. The other coffee they have to offer is American coffee, Vietnamese coffee, Italian cappuccino and Cafe Latte. There other hot beverages include tea, Royal Milk Tea, Yuzu tea, Matcha and cocoa. Their food is mainly pastry and desserts. There are usually two chococros on offer; one is the standard popular chococro and the other is seasonal and changes through the seasons. Currently, it is a matcha flavoured chococro. They have a big selection of Ice-cream sundaes and parfaits. They have a couple of things for a light lunch too. This particular branch has a smoking and non-smoking section. The smoking section is completely closed off with an electronic push button door. The smell doesn't seem to filter out to the non-smoking section much. There are no toilets in the cafe, but the mall's toilets are close by. 

    The mall is Wakaba Walk near Tobu Tojo Line's Wakaba station. The car park for the cafe is in the mall's parking. The first hour is free, and after that parking is charged by the hour. If you spend over a 1000 yen you can get the parking validated. 


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