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Yoshimi Town Friendship Athletic Ground

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  • Saitama

    Wildlife, Sports facilities, water play and recently improved playgrounds

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    Yoshimi Town Friendship Athletic Ground is a great resource for locals with the sporting facilities on site. From the point of view of families with young children, the most attractive element was the water play area, that is until they replaced the old play equipment last year with some new and improved equipment. 

    The sports facilities include tennis courts, a jogging and walking course and various pitches. They have a changing room and facilities for teams using the grounds. What we like most about this park is that it is in the countryside and so you can see a range of small wildlife. For some reason there is an abundance of frogs! You can also see beetles, mantis, grasshoppers and other insects in the summer. We even saw a snake once.  It is a good place to collect acorns in the Autumn. There are picnic tables dotted around the park. There are 2 playgrounds. One is enclosed and has a sandpit, an elephant climbing frame and slide, a new curvy slide and some animal statues that kids can sit on. The playground is spacious so there is lots of room to run around. The other playground is near the club house. It is a small athletic playground with a flying fox. There is also a sandpit there and they have some spring rides too. In the summer the paddling pool and wading river are quite nice, although I don’t think they are as well maintained as other parks.

    The park itself doesn't close, but the car parks do at varying times. You can get information on their website, but it is Japanese only. Across the road is some of the town's public facilities such as the town hall and town library.


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