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  • Saitama

    Popular pediatrician in Saitama

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    Located on the same site as Keiai Maternity Hospital, the Keiai Pediatric clinic is home to one of Fujimi's most popular pediatricians. The location of the clinic was recently moved from the front of the maternity hospital to its own building adjacent to the coffee shop at the back of the hospital. The new premises are bigger and even more impressive than they were before. The equipment is state of the art. The level of care and the skill of the medical staff is superb. The services are above and beyond what is usually on offer in a pediatricians.

    There is a large, bright, airy reception area as you come in the door. The clinic is split into 2 sections, divided by sliding doors. On the left is the area for "sick" children and on the right is the area for non-contagious issues, baby's post-natal check ups and vaccinations. On the left side there are 6 examination rooms and as well as other rooms for administering saline drips and / or other treatments. There is a display model train town and railways in this area. There are a number of books for kids, all in Japanese. There is some playground equipment and a fun garden outside. They have toilets and a nursing area. One of the nurses and one of the Doctors speak very good English. There is a pharmacist on the same grounds and that also has a small play area. 

    If your child receives a vaccination at Keiai you are given a ticket for a free drink in the coffee shop in the maternity section. You can only access the coffee shop from the right hand side of the clinic, it is not accessible from the side for sick patients. They hold special events throughout the year including but not limited to Halloween parties, Christmas Parties, English workshops and much more. They also have regular events such as story time. 

    The clinic reception area is open from 9 am to noon and again from 2 pm to 5 pm for sick children and mostly the same for the non-sick side. However, they have additional hours for baby check ups. You don't need to make an appointment for a sick child, but you do need to make an appointment for vaccinations. Parking is free and plentiful. There are free shuttle buses to the clinic from 2 different stations; Tobu Tojo Line Mizuhodai Station and JR Kita Asaka Station. 


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