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Nippon TV Shop (日テレSHOP)

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  • Macky

    Gifts and trinkets from Nippon TV

    Price: 1000 yen

    A pretty good resource for novelty gifts.  Obviously the stock here changes depending on what TV programs the channel is trying to promote.  Still, you'll surely find something here to amuse. It could be good for stuff to send to friends back home, although there is the risk that no one will have a clue what the characters are.

    Of course, the goods here are of the usual type; lots of hand/face towels, files, key holders, themed stationary.  Expect to pay anywhere between 1,000 - 2,000 yen for a towel.  I saw some cool stickers for 450 yen.  There are lots of cookies/snacks aimed as gifts here.  Expect to pay around 600 yen for a box of 10-15.  

    The Nippon TV shop also houses a small bank of toy vending machines, always a source for cool little gift.  The machines in the shop at the time of visiting were 300 yen a go.

    The store is pretty small, but it manages to pack a lot in.  It also seems pretty photo friendly (perhaps unsurprising given the numbers of tourists that come here).  There are also cool displays to have a look at, and often some kind of life-size replica of an actor or actress in costume which people like to have their photo taken with.

    Just outside the store you'll find a Taco Bell, a coffee shop and a seating area outside.  There's also a Tower Records nearby.  

    The store, whilst not really worth going out of your way for itself, is on the ground floor of the Nippon TV Tower which has other attractions open to the public.


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