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Tsutaya Kawajima Interchange Branch

Avg: 500 yen
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  • Saitama

    Good branch of the popular bookstore to visit with kids

    Price: 500 yen

    We are very lucky to have a few branches of Tsutaya relatively near us and I will go to a different branch depending on what I am looking for. The Tsutaya in Higashimatsuyama which I previously reviewed has the best selection of music to rent. The Tsutaya in Kawagoe has a great selection of foreign drama DVDs. This Tsutaya on Route 254 near the Ken-o expressway has some extra facilities or services for toddlers so it is my go to book store when I just have my youngest with me.

    The children's book area in the Kawajima branch of Tsutaya is carpeted and has some indoor play equipment most suited to toddlers. There is one unit with a climbing frame with a slide and a swing that has a seat with belt for safety and is easy for babies and toddlers to sit in. There is another play unit with a low climbing frame and short slide, both which are safe for toddlers with supervision. This branch also has some low tables and children's chairs that kids enjoy sitting at and playing with the sample books they have out. They have a good selection of sample books that you can enjoy. There is a toy section in this branch too that sells educational type toys such as puzzles and play dough and they have a nice selection of wooden toys. There toys are quite expensive though. There is a large stationary area in the center of the shop. They have a good selection of magazines and books, but their DVD and CD collections are lacking.

    The store is open 9 am to 11 pm seven days a week. They have a drop off box for DVDs that is open the hours the store is shut. Free and plentiful parking.


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