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  • helloalissa

    on Jul 14

    All you can eat Kushikatsu

    As usual, we went to an all you can eat restaurant while visiting Saga city. This time we tried another restaurant in YouMe Town which is focused on kushikatstu. They had a 'matcha fair' going on, which meant that almost all the dessert items (including the token chocolate waterfall) were matcha flavored. Win? The kushikatstu were more bite size than others I've had, but that just meant they were small enough to eat A LOT more than we expected and try most of the kinds offered. The oil wasn't already overused or heavy, plus we dipped our own kushikatstu into the batter and panko before frying, so we could control how much was on there. There were several types of meat, including fish balls and chikuwa, although no fish. In addition there were tons of options for vegetables and a couple of sweet types: matcha donuts and taiyaki. My favorites are generally the renkon and kabocha, but the eringi (drumstick mushroom) was really nice. I recommend taiyaki and bacon kushikatstu (without batter) with the maple syrup for an American breakfast flavor. There are several dipping sauces to choose from. Kushikatstu is usually served with cabbage, and the cabbage here was seasoned so it was nicer than plain cabbage. There was also an okra dish, cabbage salad, and wakame. Other sides were fairly limited – rice, curry, tomato soup, yaki soba, and pasta. Dessert was several little matcha flavored cakes and shu cream, coffee and green tea jelly, and vanilla soft serve ice cream. They did not have matcha soft serve, despite the 'matcha fair.' Including tax, the 90 minute all you can eat lunch for adults is 1618 yen. Drink bar is 200 yen extra, but the normal course includes water, tea, and coffee (from the fancy instant coffee machine) which is all we really want anyway.

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