Huis Ten Bosch

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  • Kasajizo

    on Jan 9

    Huis Ten Bosch

    When travelling around Kyushu, it is only too easy to find places to visit. The entire island is filled to the brim with interesting tourist attractions. For this exact reason, I almost overlooked Huis Ten Bosch. In my opinion, Huis Ten Bosch is one of the most important cultural relics of Japan’s early communication with the Netherlands. Without going into too much historical detail I have no idea about, the place itself is simply lovely. Just like I imagine the Netherlands is. There are tulip fields everywhere. Not only that, but the stereotypical windmill is also present. If you decide to go there, try to go in the right season. Whenever tulips are in full bloom will be the correct time to go. Although it will most definitely be crowded. There is an overlook tower where you can see the harbor and the old ships. The houses are mostly built in the European style and the food is especially delicious. I highly recommend the cheesecake there. Aside from all that, they also have a light show in the evening which was a nice touch, since when I went there, there weren’t many flowers to speak of, it being March and all. Huis Ten Bosch is just a quick train ride from Sasebo and it will definitely be worth your time to visit at least once.

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