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  • helloalissa

    on Sep 1

    Affordable Handmade Gifts

    I stopped at a tiny shop, Studio Nucca, on the way home from work after riding past it a few times. It turns out the store has printed and handmade products made by local adults with physical and mental disabilities. There are postcards and pencil cases with illustrations that are childish yet hip (and lots have great Engrish on them!). They also promote some local creative events and have a classroom/workshop in the back for their artists. The same owner has other locations in the area which specialize in things like day care for special needs children and cooking focused workshop/restaurants.

    I bought some letter writing stationary with the local Ferris wheel illustrated on it. Super cute, but there were a few other things I wanted to buy, without any real plan of what to do with them. Letter writing is a hobby, so I knew that paper would be put to good use soon.

    I went back with a couple birthday gifts in mind and found the perfect Lucha (masked Mexican wrestler) file with a hilarious illustration of four Luchas with a surfboard, but the background is a grassy field. No where near the beach, and they look kinda sad. There were also sticky book marks, stickers, and T-shirts with these artists' illustrations.

    The staff is really kind and helpful but not pushy, and they often have some free postcards customers can take. There are tons of handmade decorations in the studio shop so it's fun to just go look around.

    This is the perfect place for useful gifts for anyone who enjoys handmade things. It's also supporting a good cause as the adults with special needs get to see some of their work printed and sold in the store.

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