Hashimoto Ladies Clinic (橋本産婦人科)

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  • Amandee

    on Apr 22

    Top-notch birth and post-partum care

       I started going to Hashimoto Ladies Clinic around the middle of my 1st trimester of pregnancy. I chose this clinic because it is a small practice (only 1 doctor and around 10 nurse midwives) where I could receive more personal care as well as the location of Yatsushiro being closer to Kumamoto city in case baby needed to go the NICU. English speaking ability was not a factor in my decision and though the doctor seems to know a few medical terms in English, all of my communication with the clinic was in Japanese.

        First off, my prenatal appointments had me feeling so-so about the clinic, but I stayed with them due to great reviews from coworkers who had given birth there. Though I got a traditional ultrasound as well as a 4D one done each visit for a total of 15 times, the doctor almost always said "hmm, it;s not showing up too well" which made me question whether it was the baby's fault or his. This practice does not push optional testing (such as those to check for autism) unless strong indicators are shown in ultrasounds, so I recommend researching and bringing up any tests you want performed.Finally, the doctor's manner was a plus and a minus; more straightforward with information than most Japanese, but to the point of sounding gruff and bored at times. 

        When I finally checked in to the clinic with labor pains 2 days before my due date, I began to see why this clinic is so recommended by people in my town 40 minutes away. I had the same nurse by my side, monitoring contractions and guiding my breathing, the whole time. Granted, I had a quick birth (1cm dilated to delivery in 5 hours) but they helped me to have a great experience. Also, instead of a bed to give birth on, they use an adjustable chair (similar to the ones for vaginal exams in most Japanese gynecologist offices) so you are in a more natural position.

        I stayed in a private room for 6 days after birth where I was given breastfeeding/diaper changing/bathing guidance, a facial, shampoo and head massage, leg massage, and 3 huge restaurant quality meals a day plus fresh fruit+cake snacks. For the first 2 days my baby stayed in the nursery (with me coming to nurse every so often) so that I could get as much rest as possible. Nurses checked on me regularly but not annoyingly often. Visiting hours last until 9pm and my husband was allowed to stay over in my room whenever he liked as well. I felt very informed and satisfied with how they looked after my baby and myself!

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