Don Quihote - Sendai Minami ドン・キホーテ 仙台南店

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  • MamaKiyota

    on Oct 20

    A fun store with... everything!

    Don Quihote is a really fun store to check out. They have everything from cars and bikes to groceries and household goods to jewelry and clothes. Yes, literally cars. They sell cars. Don Quihote is a literal variety store, they have a bit of everything but not a huge amount of variety within each section. A majority of their items tend to be a bit cheaper than other places, especially import goods. Don Quihote is also one of the few places I have found gag goods/toys outside of Tokyo. There is also a small game center near the exit of the store.

    For parents, diapers are also up 200 yen per package cheaper than supermarkets and drug stores. 

    Unfortunately, the store is really hard to navigate, especially since there is zero English available. There really isn't a clear layout to the store so it's hard to find things. It's also not very clean, especially the bathrooms. Beware of the overly catchy theme song that will surely get stuck in your head!

    The Sendai Minami store is open until from 6am - 2 am, so it's one of the few places for people to go late at night in the area. 

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