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  • helloalissa

    on Oct 15

    Super Yummy French Bread

    I heard this was a good pan-ya, and I sometimes get in the mood for some good baguette or croissants, so I finally tried it out. First try they happened to be closed that day for a special occasion. I felt like going for a bike ride so I headed over to Trefle on the scenic route and picked up a few things that looked good. The shop is really tiny, between a small garden shop and a patisserie. Inside there are walls lined with breads and one table in the center, also displaying breads. Outside there's a picnic table that I'm guessing customers could eat at, but it seems they only do carry out. I chose a bag of four small focaccia from the shoku-pan section, an an-pan for my husband, and a fresh out of the oven bacon mini baguette. I couldn't resist tasting that baguette right after exiting the shop and it was actually cooked correctly. All too often, breads are labeled baguette, but don't have that crispy outside that baguettes should have. I went straight home to enjoy the rest of that with some tea. The an-pan was fairly standard, but with some walnuts in the center. The focaccia was really flaky and nice, especially dipped in some garlicy olive oil. I'll definitely be going there again when I want the real stuff and it's worth paying a little more for quality. Hanabatake Station East Exit

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