Nishiyama Park

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  • Namakemono

    on Aug 8

    Nishiyama Park - Red Pandas and Azaleas!

    Nishiyama Park is located in the city of Sabae, Fukui Prefecture. 

    An unassuming park filled with pleasant surprises. Initially I thought I was just going to see some flowers in a quiet little city. But nobody told me there's a mini-zoo (a few monkeys and birds) and a red panda facility! And all at zero cost. (So I put in as many 100 yen coins as I could muster). Those restless little cutesy bears would melt hearts of all ages.

    The park itself is spacious, good for being by yourself, your partner or your kids. In May, the popular attraction are the Azaleas and Shibazakuras, turning the park into a carpet of pink, dotted with giant balls of bushy flowers.

    Climbing up the park, close to the zoo, a wide playground could be found with a great view of the small city of Sabae. You can view the sun setting over the mountains from this vantage point. 

    Not so many restaurants or anything else around the park, but it's worth your time if you're escaping the hustle and bustle and just want an afternoon of park life.

    Nishiyama park can be accessed by JR (Sabae Station), the limited express Thunderbird stops here. Closer to the park by Fukui Railway stations Nishiyamakoen and Nishisabae.

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