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  • helloalissa

    on Sep 15

    Kurume City Hall Cafe

    Our city hall is fairly new and we've been several times, mostly to the first floor. There are 20 floors, and I heard the top floor has a nice view. While I had a couple hours free between lessons, I decided to check it out. The view to the north is great, and there's a huge meeting room which would give us a better view of the south side of the city. There's a cafe where we can sit and enjoy a small south view. I got the 'toast set' and was surprised that it was so affordable for a cafe with such a nice view. 400 yen got me a slice of thick toast, a tiny cup of soup, a tiny salad, tiny serving of yogurt, and a drink. Considering a drink alone is about 300 yen, it's a great deal for the set menu. I think there was also a sandwich set menu for 500 yen. The drink I chose was a yummy grape flavored drinking vinegar soda. The set was enough for a small meal or a big snack. The cafe was fairly quiet but seems like a great place to bring out of town visitors. Kurume kasuri (woven fabrics) are displayed as well as products made from kasuri. English menus are not provided, but staff is patient and didn't seem bothered by my questions to clarify.

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