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  • Yuju

    on Jul 26

    Mix with the high rollers at this street side restaurant and bar

    I'd had my eye in 6th by HOTEL ORIENTAL for sometime.  Occupying a nice corner spot in front of Yurakucho Station (Bic Camera exit), this place is open fronted and has a kind of street side terrace which I'm a sucker for.  I though about taking a date there for dinner, but then I did the research and saw the prices (appetizers starting from 1,500 yen, mains from 2,500 yen, desserts from around 700 yen) and backed away.

    It was fairly recently then, that I finally made it here for some post-event drinks and a bit of food.  It was a Thursday night, and pretty busy in there, but we did manage to get a table out on the terrace, and it was as nice as I had hoped it would be.  This place has a really good atmosphere; vibrant without being too noisy, a bit flashy but not too snobbish so as you feel uncomfortable.  From the terrace, you get to watch the street traffic go by.

    On this occasion we were here mainly for the drinks.  I had a corona (or two) at 800 yen a pop (not cheap then).  We also ordered some food (nachos - 1200 yen / assorted cheese - 1,500 yen), which, I think tasted fine, but to be honest, I was too concentrated on the beer.  

    The service here was fine (although as it was busy, it took a bit of time for staff to move between tables).  

    6th by HOTEL ORIENTAL, has a bar section, and restaurant section.  There are smoking tables somewhere inside (not on the terrace), and there's also and ashtray outside for customers.

    If I remember correctly (after the beers) the bill was dealt with at the table.  

    I had a really good time here, and would like to go again, but that really depends on how well I'm doing for money (so it's unlikely that I'll be back any time soon)!

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