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  • Saitama

    Farm with free bikes and kid's rides

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    We have been to this place more times than I can remember, but we never tire of it. It is one of the few farms that offers a great "free" service. You can roam around and play in the farm courtyard or out in the BBQ area for free and / or you can pay to try some hands on experiences or to taste some of their famous gelato.

    Currently, it is BBQ season and Enomoto have a small, but nice BBQ area you can pay to use. In that area there is are giant tyres that have been turned into play equipment for the kids. Two of them are swings; one a sitting swing and another a standing swing. There is also an old tractor here that the kids can climb onto. In the courtyard of the farm, beside the gelato shop, there are dozens of bikes and kid's rides that kids can play with for free. There is also a small play house and a couple of slides. In the spring there are gorgeous cherry blossom trees both in the courtyard and out the back of the farm. During the summer when the Ageo fireworks are on, the farm stays open late and you can see the fireworks clearly while enjoying a farm environment. In the winter they have a very popular candle night. The farm is on a cycle track and they have a bike stand for cyclists to rest their bikes as they rest their legs in the free rest area. There are about 5 unisex toilets. 

    The farm is a little tricky to find and if you are coming from Maruyama park area you need to use a very narrow country road for a small part of the journey. However, it is clearly marked on Google maps so you can be navigated to it and it is definitely worth the journey for a half day of fun. 


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