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Vent et Lune

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  • helloalissa

    Convenient Bakery

    Price: 326 yen

    I have walked by this place so often and even gone in to look a couple times, but finally tried it. The breads are a little on the fancy and expensive end, although not bad. I was mostly hesitant because they are not baked there, and we can see staff shuttling in yellow bins of breads to restock.

    I went for the apple cinnamon roll and wasn't disappointed. The cinnamon flavor was nice and strong like I wanted and the apple was yummy. The other selection I chose is the sakura melon pan, for the seasonal quality. The taste was exactly the same as regular melon pan to me, but it was cute and pink on top.

    There's a small drink selection in a cooler as well as a hot coffee machine.

    There is no seating so it's all to go sales. There's also a small selection of cakes, maybe for when someone needs something for a gift on the way out.

    This is a convenient place right next to the bus stops at Nishitetsu Kurume Station, but there's a lot of competition with a busy Mister Donuts next door. Not bad, but I'd prefer one of the pan ya in the neighborhood where I can sit down and have a fresh cup of coffee with freshly baked breads.


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