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  • edthethe

    Walk on the wetlands, Oze

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    Oze is made for those who don't want to take the stairs. After a brief decline into the valley, it open up to an expanse of swampy flowery marsh. This means a nice flat stroll with some breath taking views.The entire hike is built so you never touch the ground. There are two wooden narrow paths that you follow and greet the on coming traffic. It's a pretty popular spot during warmer months. There are camping areas also set up so that you can rent a space for 800 yen per person per day. The entire park is vast. If you do go into the hiking portion, some of the courses can even take 2 days. Hence the need for camp grounds. There is a website posted above and it is in English. The visiting center we passed has soft serve ice cream, which is always a bonus in my book when going for long walks.


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