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  • smallbigjapan

    on Oct 3

    Beach Break

    If you want beach and sunset, then heading towards Kanagawa is a great idea.

    Kanagawa is famed for beaches, Kamakura, views of Mount Fuji, and sunsets. 

    I decided to to take a trip and I booked a stay at a traditional Ryokan. Taikaiso is a lovely little hotel, with views of the beach. The best part is that the beach is less than thirty seconds away.

    They do have English speaking staff available if you can't speak Japanese. You can also order traditional Japanese food. You can also have a cookout on the patio.

    The downside is that because it's a family run business, the service is not particularly punctual as perhaps normal expected Japanese service. That shouldn't put you off though, as they are extremely nice people. The Ryokan is also a little far from the station. You'll have to take a taxi to get to the exact spot, as it's quite off the beaten track.

    The hotel is extremely comfortable and it's a nice quiet overnight stay.

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