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  • helloalissa

    on Dec 19

    Christmas Cake (and other cakes)

    I stopped by to get something for my husband's birthday, but wasn't sure what I wanted yet and wanted to give myself some time to decide before I was tired from work. There were darling strawberry shortcakes (like tiny cakes he could eat half of at one time) and also tiny slices of a variety of cakes. He mentioned strawberry shortcake, but he also loves rare cheesecake, so I decided on one of each in the single serving size. We didn't need leftovers and getting to try both sounded better. I went back later and picked up the last shortcake and a cheesecake. The round mini cheesecake fell over a little on the way home, but otherwise they were fine. We liked that they were not very sweet even compared with Japanese cakes. The quality was really nice – especially compared with buying factory made cakes at the supermarket. I don't buy this kind of thing often, but it's nice to know this cake shop is nearby and affordable with yummy options.

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