Mangattan Cafe Eki

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  • JTsuzuki

    on Aug 24

    Little Cafe at Ishinomaki Station

    This little cafe is a terribly convenient one if you just missed a train back toward Sendai on the Senseki line and have half an hour to wait for the next one. With an entrance at the front of the station, the shop is open to patrons who have yet to buy a ticket for their train trip. Offering mostly the normal small-town cafe options in an extremely cozy atmosphere, the little shop does well at showing the care in the menu items they prepare. We ordered a coffee and toast set, and the toast that came out was a fantastic three-centimeter wide piece, lightly sliced in a cross-hashed fashion before toasting to a golden shade. My three year old strongly approved. The coffee was also quite nice. The set also came with a tiny salad, which we really enjoyed, too. By the register and along the counter are other omiyage-style offerings from the area including breads, coffee in individual drip pouches, and more. If you didn't grab anything for your java-loving friends, family or coworkers before stopping here, you can be assured that something can be done about it. There is also an omiyage section to the New Days in the station, but this spot has more of a home-grown, small-town feel, which some appreciate a bit more than the mass-produced character boxes and such that are more common all over Japan.

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