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  • Saitama

    on Aug 19

    Heaven for Yokai Watch fans

    My son has been itching to go to Yorozu Mart since it opened. Finally, we made the two hour trip last week. And we weren't disappointed. In fact, I was very pleasantly surprised. I had been reluctant to go, because I thought it was "just" a shop and we'd be in and out in half an hour. We spent three hours there and could have spent more!

    There are two many reasons you can spend so much time there. The first is that they have games you can play; either with Yokai Watch medals or Yokai Watch cards. It is free to play unless you get a "big good luck" on the lottery at the end of the game and you can put in 200 yen to get an exclusive Yokai Watch medal. The second reason is the activities they have. They have stamp rallies as well as special attractions. The day we were there, we were very lucky that Bushinyan was visiting the shop. The kids got to play with him (and a drove of other kids too) for about fifteen minutes. He gave them a Yokai Watch badge at the end too. What I liked is that they also have a play area with blocks and kinetic sand which entertained my two year old who had no interest in Bushinyan or playing the medal games. She did enjoy the stamp rally though.

    Yorozu Mart is on the 3rd floor of Urban Dock Lalaport. It is accessible by car or train. Toyosu Station on the Yurakucho line is only a couple of minutes walk away.

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