Hanada (はな田)

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  • helloalissa

    on Dec 15

    All you can eat and drink izakaya

    Hanada is an izakaya very close to Nishitetsu Kurume Station. There are tons of izakaya in the area, but this one was chosen by a company I work with as the meeting place for this year's company party. There were 15 people in our group and the restaurant had prepared for us ahead of time.

    We had the 2 hour tabe-nomi hodai option and the manager used a coupon so we got free motsunabe, which was waiting on the table for us when we arrived. (Motsunabe is a nabe made from intestine and other inner parts, and it's quite popular around here.) We had one pot of miso motsunabe and one shoyu base motsunabe, sitting on the burners ready to be cooked up.

    The menu was the usual appetizer type dishes and salads common at izakaya, so we ordered a lot of dishes and drinks and had a nice time. The space was slightly cramped for our large group but we managed, and there were a couple other areas with smaller tables, as well as a bar seating area.  

    We stayed a bit longer than the two hours to finish off the drinks that had been ordered at last call. I guess I always feel bad for staying while staff is trying to clean up or for being in a group of foreigners, especially if they are on the noisy side.

    I'm not a fan of smoking in restaurants or izakaya, but Hanada was ventilated well enough that we couldn't really smell smoke from other groups very often. They're open from 5pm-midnight every day.

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