Hikarigaoka Gymnasium

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  • Saitama

    on Feb 20

    Cheap sporting facilities in great location

    A great gymnasium in urban Tokyo, located in a really nice park that has lots of sporting facilities. Even the design of the building is better than most and won't date easily. It is really well laid out and is one of my favourite sports halls / gymnasiums for karate tournaments. 

    We use the main hall for karate tournaments, but it can be used for a number of sports such as baseball, badminton and other martial arts. There are some great and reasonably priced sporting facilities and amenities within the building. For the locals I imagine the indoor heated pool is a hit. It is only 200 yen for adults or 100 yen for children to use for an hour. You need to pay for use of a shower after though. That costs 100 yen. The gymnasium also has table tennis rooms, an indoor running course, meeting rooms and training rooms.  The pool and main gymnasium room have seats for spectators. The latter has seats for 483 people. There are vending machines in the gym and you can eat in the seating area of the main hall. There is a little restaurant nearby in the park and sometimes they have food stalls in the park too. The nearest convenience store is about a seven minute walk away.

    However, my only complaint is the parking facilities. Due to the fact that parking is restricted and charged by the half hour, this park is less accessible to people from outside the district. The parking is 200 yen for the first hour then charged 100 yen per additional half hour. Hikarigaoka station is nearby, but is only serviced by one train line. Tobu Tojo line Narimasu station is within walking distance though, but it takes about 15 minutes. 

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on Feb 20