JAXA Earth Observation Centre

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  • Saitama

    on Aug 16

    One to skip, if you aren't really that into space shuttles

    Although I found it interesting, I didn't quite appreciate this very generous free educational facility from JAXA. I do love maps and I am interested in space, but I am just not that interested in space shuttles and satellite equipment.  However, if this is your thing, you would certainly spend an hour or possibly two here. What I did enjoy is some of the audio and visual exhibits and the giant floor map. 

    I would certainly avoid this with young children, as there wasn't much to engage my preschoolers, but my 1st grader did enjoy some of the interactive exhibits. The most interesting for him was a laser gun aimed at a large rotating globe with pin pricks representing countries. You have to hit the correct country in response to the hints given by a computer generated quiz. Some of the educational video clips have English subtitles and there are some bilingual brochures, but this JAXA is most suited to proficient Japanese speakers. They hold special events on occasion, which would make this centre more interesting for younger kids. 

    JAXA is open to the public from 10 am to 4.30 pm. Unless you are an avid hiker, a car is essential to get to this facility. You need to pull into the reception office as you enter the gate to sign in to the premises and get a visitor badge. Free and plentiful parking. 



1401 Ōhashi, Hatoyama Machi, Saitama 350-0393

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