Tokyodo Pan Cake

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  • helloalissa

    on Jan 21

    Mom & Pop Bread Shop

    It was a weekend in the afternoon when we had eaten brunch/too late breakfast and would skip lunch. This happens frequently, but I can't handle it sometimes because it means waiting more than six hours between meals. I went for a walk and decided to try the little bread shop we had visited before, but as it was closing up at the time, there wasn't a lot left and we didn't try anything.

    Despite the name, there are no pancakes, I think it's just two separate words: pan as in bread and cake as in... cake.

    This time, there were tons of discounted items (all 70 yen) and plenty of freshly baked items. I had my mind set on curry-pan, something a little spicy and oily. I also picked out one of the small karinto donuts, just for something sweet to try out. From the discount bins, I found something that sort of looked like a cinnamon roll, but couldn't exactly match it with the fresh items or be sure of what it was.

    There are some puddings and cakes, sandwiches, and little doggy face shaped breads in Tokyodo. It's reasonably priced, nothing super fancy and a small shop with no seating. Other visitors had stopped by on the cold but clear day for a snack and stood outside the entrance eating. Only one staff was there and she seemed busy preparing something in back and running to the register to ring up customers. I get the feeling it's a mom & pop sort of pan-ya.

    I took my purchases home to eat with a hot cup of coffee. The karinto donut was really nice, and the curry -pan just what I wanted, although a little oily. The cinnamon roll-looking item wasn't cinnamon at all. It had some custard mixed in with the bread and a little chocolate on top, but otherwise sort of normal bread taste and texture. Good, but I got a little stomachache afterwards... maybe I ate too much or it was a little too oily.

    This is in a little neighborhood easy to walk to for me, so I'll probably stop by there again when I'd rather have something more fresh than a mass produced an-pan from the local drugstore.

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