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  • JTsuzuki

    A Fun Stop in the Arcade!

    Admittedly, I don't use the international texting app Line and had not gone into the store, which opened a few years ago, until very recently. Located within the shopping arcade close to Ichibancho, the shop sports a massive teddy bear in the very front, beckoning people to enter. Inside, the shelves are stocked with various goods including bento boxes to notebooks, pens, pencils, bags, pouches, and more, all featuring the likenesses of your favorite Line Friends. 

    The little cafe doesn't offer much, but what it does offer is adorable, including macaroons with the faces of three of the characters. They were also delicious! There is also a limited drink menu including coffee, tea, and some fruitier options.
    The seating area at the back of the place is the biggest draw for me personally. You can take pictures with a giant bear in the guise of Date Masamune, founder of Sendai! The other Line Friends are dressed up too so there are plenty of photo ops available. 
    A lot of fun in a little place, even if you have never used the app before in your life.


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