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  • genkidesu

    on Dec 10

    A Starbucks where finding a seat isn't an Olympic sport

    I love coffee, and when I was in Nagaoka a little while back around peak work commuting hours I thought I would pop in and grab a coffee somewhere. Since there was a Starbucks at the station, I thought I'd head directly there - and I was pleasantly surprised by one key factor - finding a seat here even in "rush hour" was a piece of cake! The store is large and roomy and looks to have been recently renovated - it's got plenty of trendy couch style seating as well as tables with bar-stool height chairs available. It was quiet and peaceful, so if you were in the area and needing to get some work done then it would be a perfect spot for that too (as well as having free WiFi). Staff were super sweet and friendly, and slowly sipping on a drink rather than feeling rushed to get out of there was a pleasant change!



〒940-0061 Niigata Prefecture, Nagaoka, Jonaicho, 2 Chome

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