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  • Saitama

    on Sep 14

    Family friendly tonkatsu restaurant with all-you-can-eat cabbage!

    Saboten is a chain restaurant with branches all round the Kanto area. This branch is located on the 3rd floor of Urban Dock Lalaport; the same floor as both KidZania and the cinema. It is never as busy as the other restaurants, possibly because it is not as trendy as them, but it is a good place to eat for a relatively quick and somewhat cheap meal. The main reason we were pulled into Saboten over all the other great choices is because it has a really good kids meal that comes with a gift. Generally the kids meal is about 680 yen, but they have a "time service" when it is only 500 yen. Another advantage of this restaurant for our big family is that cabbage, water and rice can be refilled as often as you want when you order a meal. This restaurant also sells bento boxes for take-away. Staff are very friendly, but I don't think there is any English speakers. I didn't see any English menus, but they have the wax models of their meals in the window and the menu is very visual so you can always just point and say how many!

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