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  • TheHikingAlto

    on Feb 4

    A Cheap, Delicious, and Healthy "Fast-Food" Meal

    I found myself in, for me, a distant corner of Tokyo at the lunch hour the other day, and popped into Sukiya for my lunchtime meal. Sukiya restaurants can be found throughout Japan and they are best known for their gyudon (rice bowls topped with beef). They also serve curry dishes, and other types of rice bowls. They have a wide range of side dishes as well. The menu I used was in Japanese but I think there may be an English menu. The Japanese menu had pictures of everything that were very clear. There are a number of set meals available, or you can mix and match. I went for the sukiyaki bowl, the tonjiru (pork soup), and apple slices for my meal. It was the right amount and for around ¥900, a very good deal. The shop itself was clean with table and bar seating available. They also will prepare your order to take-out and had a take-out window in front. They do have an English website: https://www.sukiya.jp/en/

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