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  • City-Cost

    on Jan 8

    Nice coffee/food break option in an area where there aren't many

    The Ochanomizu area of Tokyo might be good for outdoor sports shops and massive hospitals, but it's pretty crap when it comes to sitting down over a coffee and a bite to eat.  Pleasing to see then a NEW YORKER's Cafe about half way between the outdoor sports shop street and Ochanomizu Station (the cafe is on your right as you go up the hill, before the Nikolai Church).

    This expat isn't from New York so can't verify the authenticity of the New York cheese cake here.  It is however, very nice.  On this occasion I went with the Cookies & Cream cake, and downed that with a large blend coffee.  A slice of cheese cake here is around 400 yen.  It's expensive given the small slice, but this doesn't detract from how delicious it is.

    As was mentioned in the title of this piece, this NEW YORKER's Cafe is welcome option for a sit down and a bite to eat in an area which doesn't have a great deal to offer in that field.  The interior is simple but comfortable and warm, and I find it hard to believe that you'd ever struggle for a seat here.  There's a smoking room and does a good job for both smokers and non smokers alike (i.e. the smokers will know it's there, the non smokers won't).

    NEW YORKER's Cafe is about 3 mins walk from Ochanomizu Station.

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