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  • helloalissa

    on Oct 14

    Huge Park with a View

    We went to the park the first time just because we had never been there and it's close enough to walk to. Next we went for hanami, and there are so many cherry blossom trees in different varieties that it is the best place for hanami for us. There are several wild cats living in the park also, but I only see them in quiet areas.

    On a day off I went on a bike ride and ended up at Urayama Park again on a beautiful fall day. It was a holiday and tons of people were there, with families or just enjoying the nice weather.

    It's really big and there's a walking course, there are a few ponds, plus tons of playground areas – one with crazy long slides. I like the forested areas with small trails because it feels like being in the woods without being out of the city. This time I saw some chestnut shells and did a little hunting around to find a few chestnuts! 

    In the parking lot, the maple trees are just beginning to change color. I think this will be a great place for seeing fall leaves soon. There's a great view from the park because it's mostly on a hill.

    Urayama Park is very close to Narita San temple near Highway 3. You can use the tall statue to get you to the right neighborhood, as the entrance to the park is just to the right of the temple entrance.

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