Atago Ramen and Soba

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  • TonetoEdo

    on Jun 10

    Gone with urban renewal projects

    This tiny soba shop behind storefronts was a lovely place to go. I'm going to leave this review here as it's a slice of Noda City that has disappeared as the Tobu railway wraps up the refurbishment of the stations and elevated tracks. There are a few very good places to try soba in the area. Walk further on to Nagareyama Kaido and you'll find a few on that streets and in the back streets. See other Noda City reviews.

  • TonetoEdo

    on Sep 29

    Time warp ramen shop in Noda City

    You could miss this place walking by on the street outside the west exit of Atago Station. It's tucked in behind some store fronts, and there is a narrow passage marked by a ramen signboard. Atago is one of those dwindling neighborhood ramen shops run by a family. They serve soba, classic shoyu (soy sauce) ramen, and side dishes. The shop house has a tiny dining area with zashiki, floor seating, and a few tables on the low concrete floor. What you go for at Atago is the atmosphere and the banter of the "onesan" who serves the guest. She'll give you some sass, but she's always smiling. The shoyu ramen is tangy and loaded with wakame, menma and a thick slab of chashu. It's great on a rainy day. Noda City's restaurants are well known for soba shops, and Atago serves zaru soba besides kamo nanban soba (duck soup), so you can appreciate the perfectly cooked noodles on their own. HOW TO GET THERE: From the west exit of Atago Station, walk 15 steps west on the north side of the street. You'll see an awning and tiny passage and the vintage shop house door.



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