Eifuku Shokudo

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Food/Drink | Avg price: ¥1500 | English Available: None (Unknown)



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  • helloalissa

    on Feb 9

    Goat Noodle

    This place gets a couple stars mostly because it made us laugh so much the first time we walked past. There are tons of comments written in Japanese and poorly translated English outside of the restaurant. I stopped to take photos of these one day, but when our plans fell through for highly recommended Akaiishi shokudo, we opted to try 'Tony's.' It was mostly because we were curious to try the 'goat noodles' as we had never eaten goat meat before. When we went to Tony's it was mid afternoon so I wasn't concerned that there were no customers. I did start to feel concerned when I noticed the very friendly owner was smoking in the restaurant while chatting with us. I can't really trust a chef who smokes, especially inside the restaurant. He played a video about the Yaeyama islands that featured his restaurant while we were waiting for our order. He recommended getting soba and goat soup, then sharing. The price shown is for two dishes / people. We were really hungry, but I have to say even so, the food wasn't very good. I wasn't into the thick and fatty skin part of the goat meat, but otherwise it was okay. There were no vegetables or side dishes served, plating was sloppy, and the flavor was honestly disappointing. For a place that brags so much about it's price and menu, I didn't think it was a good value at all. Probably it's just in a convenient location so it's popular for tourists. I'd recommend a shokudo in another neighborhood where you can get way better quality and value for the same price.