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Kawagoe Sports Park

Kawagoe sports park (8)Kawagoe sports park (2)川越運動公園 (2)Kawagoe sports park (7)Kawagoe sports park (9)Kawagoe sports park (1)


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  • Saitama

    Lots of steps to tire the wee ones out

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    There is a fantastic playground for toddlers and preschoolers in the otherwise boring Kawagoe Sports Park. It is brand spanking new to boot. It would not engage older children though, it really is only for the little ones. 

    The main combination unit of the playground has three slides. One is a tunnel windy one and two are bumpy ones. There is also a climbing net, a climbing wall and stairs. There is a smaller combination unit for toddlers. It has some small climbing activities and two colourful slides. There is a giraffe statue in the centre. There is climbing net activity for all ages beside it with fish statues on the top of the poles that support the nets. On the right of the playground is a flying fox type activity. There is another play area right beside this playground, but they are separated by fencing. It is where the sandpit and spring rides are. There are also some fun audio aural play equipment in the sand pit area.

    The park is officially a sports park. It has a sports hall with a number of facilities. There is also an athletic track in the park. The park boasts a mini bell tower, a symbol of Kawagoe. The official hours of the park are 9 am to 9 pm. Parking is free and abundant. However, when there is a big sports event on you may have to use one of the overflow car parks which are a bit of a walk away. There is a bus terminus there, one of the buses goes to Kawagoe station. There are toilets and vending machines.


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