Shakey's Pizza

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  • helloalissa

    on Oct 23

    Sports Bar Pizza Parlor Buffet in Canal City

    The first time I ever visited Japan, I heard about 'weird' Japanese pizza with mayonaise and squid on it. I was told Shakey's Pizza has an all you can eat lunch buffet, which is the best way to try out all this pizza weirdness. So... eight years later, I had still never been to Shakey's (but had of course tried Japanese pizza at other places). After sort of joking about it when pizza sounded good, my husband said he used to go there in college and checked to see if there was a location nearby. Not in our small city, but there's one in 'the city' so we planned to go on our next trip into Fukuoka. He was really looking forward to it because he loves eating way too much at buffets.

    Shakey's is part of Canal City mall, between Hakata and Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Stations. After figuring out where the restaurant was in the huge mall, we went there for the lunch buffet. It wasn't too busy, but started filling up while we were there. We went on the weekend and got the "Holiday Viking" price of 1540 including tax, for all you can eat pizza, pasta, curry, salad bar, drink bar, and side menu. The regular weekday lunch buffet is a better deal at 1180 yen but doesn't have a side menu. What is the side menu? When we went, it was nachos! Probably my favorite thing I ate too - actual tortilla chips, chili bean like bean topping and 'succotash' which I have heard of but had never tried. Sweet corn salsa is my best description. Being from southern California, I love any attempt at Mexican food while living in Japan. 

    The pizza was great. Thin crust so you can eat lots without getting full quickly, lots of weird kinds to try. There were the usuals like Hawaiian and pepperoni, Japanese style like Maitake, Burdock, and Okonomiyaki pizza, and fruit desert pizza! Salad bar was decent, there were two kinds of pasta, I didn't try potatoes or curry but heard they were standard. There was kanten, orange slices, and some yogurt with a jam topping which sort of passed for dessert, but the dessert pizzas were enough.

    We'd go again, but probably on a weekday if possible. We also got these little scratch off cards with small discounts for our next visit, (but they were promptly washed with the laundry by accident).