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  • helloalissa

    on Aug 29


    On a recent day trip to Mojiko, Fukuoka Prefecture, I wanted to try the local specialty - Yaki-Curry. I had never heard of this but it's supposedly the popular food there. Near Mojiko Station, there are a ton of cafes selling yaki-curry. I checked prices on the signs and it was around 800-1000 yen to get it. There's a flyer at the station and at some other tourist areas showing different restaurants that sell yaki-curry, along with prices and a map of the area. I noticed one cafe had an especially low price and was in the direction I wanted to go: away from the main tourist street. It's a tiny mom & pop narrow cafe, but it was full with around 20 people. The woman working in front looked so busy during lunch time and kept telling orders to the man in back, who had to do some frying or grilling for some of their dishes. Koganemushi says they serve "Curry and Hayashi Rice" which are really popular foods in Japan. They have several dishes on that theme, from katsu curry to cheese omlette hayashi rice. I ordered the yaki-curry (650 yen), but later added a croquette (150 yen), just because that sounded good. There didn't seem to be any drinks but everyone was served water. Yaki-curry is essentially your basic beef curry rice, sprinkled with cheese and fried onions (and other seasonal veggies), then baked like a gratin. As you can imagine, it's filling and greasy, something most people who eat meat would love. The friendly server asked if I wanted an English menu (I didn't need one as I knew what I wanted) so I know they're available, plus there were several tourists from Korea and she said thank you to them in Korean.

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