Mos Burger Yume Town

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  • helloalissa

    on Feb 7

    The Kinpira Rice Burger is nice

    I sometimes forget that I don't really like fast food much, so I usually opt for something on the healthy (not fried) side, and I think Mos Burger is my favorite Japanese fast food chain. The downside is when you have a lunch break that is sort of rushed, the store is busy and staff all feel rushed, and there isn't anything relaxing about eating fast food. It just makes that stressful feeling worse. Anyway, I realized that it had been over a year since I'd eaten any fast food, so instead of going with the usual bento or slightly better cheap restaurant, I planned to go to Mos Burger for my lunch break. I wasn't feeling so great and had no patience for crowds, but I had a rice burger on my mind, so I went with it. The handful of times I've eaten at Mos Burger, it's been a kinpira rice burger most of the time. I like kinpira, maybe that's weird. It was taken off the menu the previous time I ate there, so I got the kakiage rice burger, also healthier than the meat alternatives, probably. It was the lunch hour, and a Sunday, and at "the mall." Not sure what I was thinking. Mos Burger was not nearly as crowded as the McDonalds when I was leaving, but there was a short line. When I received my lonely rice burger in the basket, it was all... mechakucha, sort of slopped together. Sort of fit how I felt (and how I imagine the probably unmotivated staff felt). Falling apart. Not bad, nothing fancy, don't imagine I'll be back again for a year or so. Sometimes a kinpira rice burger just sounds good. And the place mat was maybe for kids too-cute, although I felt like I should draw a picture on it or something.

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